The Porsche 928 from Risky Business is up for auction

The Porsche 928 that Joel Goodsen drove, and sunk, in Risky Business (1983) is up for auction. Well, it's not actually the one that sank. Apparently there were three 1978 Porsche 928s seen in the film but this is one that Joel drove escape Guido the killer pimp. Sometimes you gotta say what the fuck. From Barrett-Jackson:

Apart from starring alongside Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay, this car – VIN 9289201213 – has a unique story all its own. The 928 was the subject of the documentary, "The Quest for the RB928 (Risky Business 928)," in which filmmaker Lewis Johnsen chronicles his journey to track down this particular 928. Oh, and there's another thing that contributes to the provenance – it was in this car that Tom Cruise learned how to drive a stick shift.

This 928 has resided in a climate-controlled environment in a private collection, where it has been meticulously cared for. Originally painted green, the 928 was refinished in gold for the movie, and later wore white. Following the film's production, the car returned to California, where it was discovered by Johnsen and returned to its original screen appearance. Marking its importance in Porsche history, the 928 has been featured at numerous museums and displays. This car was a centerpiece at Porsche Cars North America for a year and was part of the Petersen Automotive Museum's influential Porsche Effect Exhibit. While at the Petersen, Chad McQueen – son of legendary racer and actor Steve McQueen – sat in this car. The 928 also features signatures from several members of the film's cast – including Bronson Pinchot ("Barry"), Joe Pantoliano ("Guido"), Curtis Armstrong ("Miles") and Francine Locke ("Shower Girl") – and comes with several images of the car on set covered in camera rigging equipment.