Need a 4K TV for your commercial space? Check out these TVs from LG's Hospitality series

Have you ever wondered about the TVs you see in hotel rooms and commercial businesses? If you inspected one of those sets, you might've even tried to connect an external device or access the TV's control settings, only to discover it wasn't quite as simple as you'd expected.

That's because businesses know that the public can't be trusted, so to make sure a hotel room TV stays happy, healthy, and functioning, big TV manufacturers make lines of hospitality series TVs. These commercial-grade sets deliver the same high-quality picture and sound but are full of security precautions and remote functionality that helps cut down on maintenance and operational problems that can cause all kinds of problems otherwise.

LG is one of those hospitality TV makers — and right now, they're dropping prices on a pair of their best 49-inch 4K hospitality TVs to keep all their customers and guests (a.k.a., all of us) watching in style. In fact, LG is putting one of its most durable TVs into this mix, its LG 49" UT340H Series 4K UHD LED TV ($599.49). This model officially belongs to LG's hospitality series, designed to be more durable and robust than a typical store-bought domestic TV.

The UT340H supports 4K UHD resolution, providing images a full four times better than 1080p. You'll enjoy 8.3 million pixels of flawless picture quality and vivid detail, a 4K upscaler that upgrades Full HD content to UHD, and several hospitality features. This includes controlling the TV settings in business areas and a commercial swivel stand that can adjust to suit any angle comfortably. 

Meanwhile, shoppers can also check out another hospitality-grade set with the LG 49" 4K LED-Backlit LCD TV ($664.44). This TV comes with Pro:Centric and Pro:Idiom technologies that streamline easy management, configuration, and updates to guest room TVs via a centralized management system. As for the picture quality, this set's NanoCell display serves up greater color accuracy at wide viewing angles and unveils a spectrum of more than a billion colors, in remarkably slim bezels.

Be warned — these are not traditional consumer TVs and may not serve the needs of the traditional home user. However, if you're looking for a set with brilliant performance as well as control and security features for a commercial space, both models might just fit the bill.

Prices subject to change