In "Ever is Over All" a woman smashes parked car windows with a metal pole shaped like a tropical flower

I first learned of the Swiss visual artist, Pipilotti Rist, from her video Ever is Overall. I am entranced by this piece every time I see it. Ever is Over All (1997) is a slow-motion video of a woman taking a stroll down the sidewalk and smashing parked cars with a large pole in the shape of a tropical flower.

As the woman breaks the car windows, she is smiling, skipping, and wearing a beautiful blue dress and red shoes which remind me of Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

The soundtrack is dreamy, adding to the overall sublime feeling of the video. Even the destruction of the cars feels peaceful and hypnotizing through the way it's portrayed. Ever is Overall is one of those artworks that I come back to again and again, and I'm inspired every time I watch it. 

From Wikipedia: 

Pipilotti Elisabeth Rist (born 21 June 1962) is a Swiss visual artist best known for creating experimental video art and installation art. Her work is often described as surreal, intimate, abstract art, having a preoccupation with the female body. Her artwork is often categorized as feminist art. Rist's work is known for its multi-sensory qualities, with overlapping projected imagery that is highly saturated with color, paired with sound components that are part of a larger environment with spaces for viewers to rest or lounge. Rist's work often transforms the architecture or environment of a white cube gallery into a more tactile, auditory and visual experience.