My friend told me her creepy unexplainable experience

A close friend and I were talking about the most unexplainable experiences we've had, and she told me the following story. I found her story to be pretty creepy, so I got her permission to record it and transcribe it. My friend has had many supernatural experiences throughout her life, and this is surely one of the weirdest. 

Here's her story:

On my daily walk around the neighborhood, I often pass by an elderly man who lives a few houses down from mine. I would guess that he's in his 80s. He's tall, as pale as a ghost, and has a vacant look in his eyes. I've never seen him wear anything besides an outfit that resembles an old fashioned boy scout uniform, which includes a pair of khaki shorts that are always hiked all the way up to his ribcage with a belt.

There was one time when I said hello as we passed each other while walking, and he just stared at me and said nothing in return. The encounter left me with an eerie, hollow feeling for the rest of the walk. I felt drained of energy after this brief encounter with him. I'd also heard from neighbors that he's been spotted shitting on various lawns of people he doesn't like on our block.

Recently, my parents and I decided to go on a walk together after dinner. As we walked down the driveway and onto the street, I saw something that made every hair on my body stand up. I have no explanation for the following story, but I know what I saw. Right outside my house, on the street, was a man standing still like a mannequin, and staring up at the sky. It felt as if time had stopped as I saw that this person had what I don't know how to describe other than a nightmarish, monster face. It looked kind of like a rubber halloween mask melted into his face. I've never seen anything like it before in my life. I was frozen, staring for about 30 seconds, until a wave of adrenaline kicked in and I sprinted back towards my house as fast as I could. I was so terrified that it felt like my body went into autopilot, and was running on it's own.

Before I could reach my door, my parents called out to me, asking what was wrong. I looked back and saw them standing there, confused. To their right was the old man who wears hiked-up khaki shorts that I often pass on my daily walks. He was just standing there and staring at the sky. His face was back to normal. I wondered if I was in a dream, or if I had just had an intensely vivid hallucination. I even wondered if I had somehow been drugged.

I told my parents what I saw while we went on our walk, and they told me that the man looked normal to them the entire time he was standing there, and I must have imagined it. I even asked them if he might have been wearing a halloween mask that he had taken off after I ran away, but they said no.

All I know is that I saw what I saw.

[image: Public Domain Pictures]