Give your drinks an exotic look and taste with this SmokeTop Cocktail Smoking Kit

You understand how to mix drinks. You've seen "Cocktail." You might even be the designated server when friends get together, and you could even know your way around a bar or two. But even with that base of knowledge, you're probably still looking for a handful of cool mixing tricks that'll really knock people out.

We've got an idea. And you don't have to mix 'em or ice 'em or shake 'em or have 4,000 different bottles at your disposal

No. You've just gotta smoke 'em.

If you never considered smoke infusion before, then this SmokeTop Cocktail Smoking Kit by Middleton Mixology is going to come as a huge revelation to both your drink presentation abilities as well as your palette. This simple kit was designed by bartenders for bartenders, so it's not only easy but instantly impressive enough to garner tips for them — and eye-opening reactions from all of your friends.

Using the premium food-grade flavored smoking chips, just load some into the smoking chimney, then place it on top of your drink glass. With the butane-burning torch lighter, you spark the chips to burn, which pushes the ensuing smoke to seep down inside your glass and settle over the top of your liquid like a thick foggy lake. 

While the smoke makes for an impressive show, it also leaves a distinct flavor from the chips within your liquor, offering an unexpected taste that, if balanced correctly, will offer your drinker a real jolt of unexpected exotic taste.

The kit comes with an assortment of flavored smoking chips in flavors like apple, cherry, cinnamon, and oak. Each tin offers enough chips to infuse about 100 cocktails, meaning you'll have the ability to really mix and match your flavors to come up with some really fantastic drink combinations that'll send your street cred soaring.

The SmokeTop Cocktail Smoking Kit is usually priced at $89, but as part of this offer, it's on sale now at about $10 off, lowering your total to just $79.99.