Make gardening easy with these all-in-one growing kits from Gardenuity

Sometimes, it isn't desire that keeps a project from happening. Everyone wants the end result. They just aren't entirely sure how to get there. That's especially true with something like building an indoor garden. 

While you can follow any number of step-by-step guides about what you should do to assemble just the right mix of indoor plants and care for them just the right way, there's still a very careful alchemy involved that could doom the whole endeavor to failure if you don't know what you're doing. Sure, you can try building self-watering containers, but making them work is something else.

Gardenuity realizes growing anything anywhere can sometimes be harder than it looks. So they've streamlined the process, offering a fully-balanced, everything-included garden in a bag kit that fits the exact garden type you want. 

Right now, they're offering deals on two of their most popular home garden kits, starting with the Desktop Tropical Garden in Bamboo Planter with Soy Candle collection. Rather than worrying about pulling together pots and planting soil and seedlings, this collection puts it all together for you, a complete ecosystem that fits in a portable bamboo planter box cube that only measures about 5 inches.

In addition to the planter, the set includes three different mini tropical plants, already fully rooted and shipped to you in 2-inch grower pots. Along with a customized foundation, plant nutrients, and a mister, the entire desktop garden comes together in less than 10 minutes, offering a fun assortment of coloring and vegetation to turn your desktop into an active growing area. There's even a neat soy candle included for that extra little piece of flair. And while you might not know it, plants have been shown to improve productivity by 15 percent — so it's more than just having something pretty on your desk.

Of course, if home cooking is more your thing, you can instead opt for the Outdoor Culinary Herb Container Garden with Tools collection. Measuring just 1 sq. ft. in a portable and reusable 5 gallon grow bag, this assortment includes culinary herb plants matched to your location and season, along with foundation, growing primer, and micronutrients. 

Whether it's harvesting mint for iced tea, oregano for pasta, or rosemary for a floral bouquet, herbs bring freshness to any space. Not only does it add ambiance to your patio, porch, fire escape, or balcony, but you can also even rotate herbs by season, assuring you'll always have fun new flavor options to explore. 

Right now, both Gardenuity assortments are on sale, with the Desktop Tropical Garden at 10 percent off, down to $72; while the Outdoor Culinary Herb Garden is $10 off its regular price, down to only $105.