Are you a hot sleeper? Stay frosty this summer with a chilled water sleep cooling system.

Trying to sleep during the height of the summer heat isn't always easy. If you live in a warm climate and if you have upstairs bedrooms, you know the heat rises — and while the air conditioning keeps things feeling comfortable downstairs, that isn't always the case upstairs. Once you throw some sheets and blankets on the bed, trying to sleep through the heat can get downright uncomfortable, especially if you're a hot sleeper already anyway.

Night sweats are no fun, for you or anyone you share a bed with. With the 2021 Mattress Cooler Classic Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System, you can regulate your body temperature better, cooling down your bed so you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and generally just enjoy a more relaxing slumber.

The pad itself is just over 5 feet by about 2 feet, a PVC vinyl mattress pad that allows chilled water to circulate through the pad during the night. The gallon of cold soothing water courses through the pad, lowering the temperature under your sheets between 7 and 12 degrees below room temperature.

The water actually absorbs all your body heat, then returns it to the cooler to be recirculated. That's important because the cooling actually encourages your body's natural healing processes, providing relief to anyone suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, menopause, back and body pains, muscle fatigue, and other sleep ailments. 

The pad itself only produces a low volume hum when it's working, which actually also helps lull many to sleep. Meanwhile, it uses precious little energy, only costing about a penny a night to unleash all its cooling magic. The system works with any mattress of any size. You can even stretch the pad across if both of you require some assistance dropping the temperature when you sleep. It'll even work if your bed is, well, pretty tacky.

Regularly $199, you can save $40 right now off the price of the 2021 Mattress Cooler Classic Chilled Water Sleep Cooling System and get one for only $159.95.

Prices subject to change