Strengthen your home wireless signal with 6 deals on Wi-Fi mesh networks

We all know the chaos that ensues when your home is suffering through Wi-Fi problems. In this day and age, you might as well just turn off the electricity. Your home basically becomes Frontier House, with everyone plunging back into a pre-internet age that feels more and more alien by the day. 

For homes dealing with dropped signals, dead zones, and loads of problematic spots, it's worth giving your home network a serious check. While a home router itself could be top of the line, it could still have trouble throwing Wi-Fi signals into certain areas of each home due to odd architecture, obstacles, signal interference, and more.

One way around that is to diversify your setup with a Wi-Fi mesh network. Rather than forcing every device to funnel through a single router, mesh networks spread Wi-Fi nodes throughout a home, strengthening and extending its coverage web to any and all corners of the house.

One of the top brands in mesh networks is Meshforce — and right now, they're offering some of their most popular Wi-Fi mesh systems to help broaden access throughout your home.

MeshForce M1 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System – $117.99

It starts with the granddaddy of the Meshforce family, the venerable M1. While it's the template upon which its Meshforce descendants are based, that doesn't mean the M1 doesn't still have plenty of kick. Upgraded for 2020, the M1 features three nodes capable of stretching your web up to 4,500 sq. ft. while connecting up to 60 devices. This dual-band system also includes seamless roaming, parental controls for each member of your family, and support for up to three more hubs to further strengthen your Wi-Fi.

Meshforce M3 Mesh Wi-Fi System – $136.99; originally $149

Meanwhile, you can also try out the Meshforce M3, in both black ($142.99; originally $149) and white. While the M1 can handle a maximum 100Mbps internet speed, the M3 opens it up to a blistering 1,000Mbps. After you set up the main mesh point, simply plug the M3 dots into power outlets throughout the home, beefing up the point where a Wi-Fi signal is at its weakest. 

Meshforce M3s Mesh Wi-Fi System – $168.99; originally $172

While the M3 is a single hub with a pair of satellite spots, the M3s in black and white ($164.99; originally $169) brings three hubs that can be placed throughout the house, covering up to 60 devices at a range of up to 6,000 sq. ft. for all those medium to large homes. Plus, the M3s can serve up speeds up to three times faster than previous generations for optimal streaming and gaming.

Meshforce M7 Mesh Wi-Fi System – $246.99; originally $249

Finally, there's the new flagship of the Meshforce line, the powerful M7, which brings all the biggest and best possible features into one three-hub system. With the three-band M7, you can spread the web across more than 7 rooms, connecting up to 75 different devices at a range of up to 6,000 sq. ft.   

Pick your Meshforce, set up, and bathe your entire house in life-affirming Wi-Fi.