U.S. Army Ranger charged with murder after beating security guard to death

U.S. Army Ranger Patrick Byrne, 26, was humiliated in a bar fight. So he went looking for someone to take it out on. He found Denise Smith, 42, a 5ft tall woman recently hired as a security guard at a Tacoma office building. He beat her for eight minutes, stabbed her with her keychain, and finally choked the life out of her. Her body was not found until the next morning, but he was caught on camera.

"He repeatedly overpowered her, assaulted her, and threw her around by her hair braid," the court documents state.

After leaving her severely beaten body, Byrne entered a conference room, smashed a window and began flinging around furniture, court documents say.

He then jumped or fell about 14 feet from a landing, according to the documents. Another security camera captured him lying on concrete.

Police said Byrne was taken to the hospital early Sunday, after a 911 call about a bloody man who was yelling for help