Boris Johnson hilariously admits his dog has "romantic urges" in video

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson eyed an Alsatian during a police dog inspection on Tuesday and wondered how that well-trained canine compared to his own frisky pooch. "Do you have to worry about his romantic urges?" he asked (:30) the dog handler. If he was hoping for a bonding-over-dog-woes moment, he wasn't getting it with this chap.

"Not so much, no," the officer responded.

A deflated Johnson then confided to the officer. "No? Well, our, my dog is, endlessly, at people's legs." The interior minister Priti Patel standing by his side couldn't help but laugh.

He and his wife Carrie Symonds adopted Dilyn, their adorable and perhaps overly affectionate Jack Russell-cross, in 2019.

Via Reuters