Fight nasty card skimmers with this super-slim, ultra-compact Zenlet wallet

It feels like not many of us use cash anymore, but that hasn't eliminated the need for that staple of American manhood — the wallet — anytime soon. Of course, the idea of what a wallet is has certainly been changing in recent years. Where leather billfolds used to be stacked thick with cash, cards, photos, and receipts, most modern users have taken a more minimal aesthetic, choosing a slim, lightweight form over bring-it-all-with-you function.

And if it can also protect you from cybercriminals, that's a pretty big plus as well. The Zenlet Wallet with RFID Blocking Card is the perfect encapsulation of a modern wallet, ultra-thin, always ready to serve, and offering ample security against some of the most insidious of cyber-plots.

The wallet actually looks a bit like a smartphone case. Made from stainless steel with an enclosed design that protects items behind its waterproof, scratch-proof facing, the whole thing is less than half an inch thick. At that size, it's easy to slip into a pocket for easy transport.

Of course, when you do need it, the Zenlet has a simple single-hand slide action opening that immediately gives you easy access to up to 7 different cards. It's a super clutter-free look that will definitely make you wonder why you used that ratty old overstuffed wallet for so long.

There's also room here for the RFID blocking card, offering both security and convenience if any RFID skimmers come around. They're able to remotely scan your card in a conventional wallet, giving them access to your vital security information. But this RFID blocking card stops that cold, shielding your cards from any intrusion attempts.

Whether you need that kind of card-skimming protection or just want a tighter, more secure wallet to fill out your pocket, the Zenlet fits the bill. It retails $81, but right now, you can pick one up and save almost 20 percent off, dropping the price to $65.95.