Watch how to shut down Marjorie Taylor Greene while she's speaking to a crowd

Conspiracist Marjorie Taylor Greene was speaking at a press conference with Matt Gaetz, Louis Gohmert, and Paul Gosar in tow, but it didn't last long. Like last week, when Greene and Gaetz were turned away from three venues during their "Put America First" tour, forcing them to perform on the beach, they were again shut down, this time outside the Justice Department.

The topic was about how the rioters at the Jan 6 Capitol attack were now being treated, and the crowd let her know just what they thought with words and shrill whistles. Her handlers didn't appreciate it.

"We gotta go. We need to break. The left is interrupting the press conference. We need to end it," they said before escorting Greene away from the podium.

The reporter from RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting Network) then had some parting words: "Ladies and gentleman, what you just saw here today was the intolerant left."