A new ad taunts Trump in order to "Remove Ron" DeSantis

"We tried to warn you, Donald," a narrator taunts in a new ad that pushes Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis into a playground bully match. "Ron's coming for you. And now he's taking your donors." It then shares a GOP donor chart showing DeSantis with $400,000 more in recent donations than Trump.

"And now, he's taking your donors. They've given millions more to Ron than you, Donald," the narrator continues. "It's because they know you're weak. Old news. Pathetic… "

Created by anti-Ron DeSantis group "Remove Ron," the ad takes a roundabout way [gamble] in accomplishing their goal by taunting Trump rather than DeSantis.

From Axios:

Remove Ron says its first ad went viral, with 350,000 organic views on social media, so it's launching another to highlight the "growing number" of Trump backers who are now donating to DeSantis' re-election campaign.

"This new ad highlights the growing divide between the two GOP frontrunners and how we can't let either of them further alienate Americans in 2024," Remove Ron founder Daniel Uhlfelder said in a statement.