The greatest piano solo of all time?

Is this the greatest piano solo of all time? Well, in all such things, your mileage may vary, but in this delightful and informative video, YouTube music maestro, Rick Beato, makes his case for this astonishing Oscar Peterson solo, recorded during a performance at Ronnie Scott's in London in 1974.

I love watching Rick's videos, not only for the musical education I get, but I always feel inspired by his passion for music (of all kinds) and the unbridled way in which he reacts and air-plays what he's listening to. Every deep music nerd can relate to this.

And, you gotta love Diana Krall's assessment of Oscar Peterson, quoted in the video's comments: "Every time I see him, I don't know what to say. It's, like, I open my mouth and my brains fall out."

Image: Screengrab