Trailer park for swingers opening in Louisiana

Tee Boi's Swinger Trailer Park will open next year in the southern Louisiana town of Mamou. The property's slogan: "Bring your house and share your spouse." Proprietor David Aucoin says the facility will have fantastic amenities like "a nude pool, a nude yoga stadium, a strip poker hall, and a key party cabana," reports

The sign for this swingers' community says you have to send a picture of your spouse for approval, but Aucoin says that's just a joke. 

"That was more of a joke to kind of ease up the people and just to create a vibe. People went further with it than you can imagine. We've gotten many pictures and many phone calls and many texts, voicemails. It's unreal," he said[…]

Aucoin also says you can choose to live at the trailer park, but he's designed it to operate more like a campground where swingers can come for "party-themed weekends."

image: screenshot of KLFY video