Videogame company Bandai Namco made the sounds for Nissan's new cars

Nissan commissioned sound designers at videogame/entertainment company Bandai Namco—creators of Pac-man and Tekken—to create new car sounds. From Nissan Stories:

They were asked to help create a higher quality sound that uses pitch, tempo and tone to get information across. Ultimately, Nissan wanted the 'voice' of its vehicles to have more personality and character […]

Once the tones were created in line with the brand's image, the next step was to create variations of the tones according to the urgency and seriousness of the information being conveyed to the driver. As Nissan's ergonomics test engineer Miwa Nakamura explains:

"Research has shown that urgency depends on the frequency of the sound, and that severity depends on the frequency itself. In order to intuitively understand what types of sounds are used, each sound is divided into functional groups and differentiated by tone."