Watch the epic battle between hundreds of monkeys that stopped traffic in Thailand

A massive monkey brawl broke out on the streets of Lopburi, Thailand, stopping traffic on a major road. Thousands of monkeys live around the nearby Phra Kan Shrine and the occasional skirmish occurs but one onlooker said "he had never seen so many monkeys wrestling with each other before, which he likened to a gangster fight in a movie." Video below. From the Indian Express:

"As a result of this incident, several monkeys were injured. There was blood on the road surface. And not until the leader of the losing side resigned himself, they did not retreat," the eye-witness added[…]

However, this is not the first time it has happened. In 2020, two gangs of monkeys were embroiled in a fight in the same city and video started serious conversation about taking care of animals during the pandemic. Many had argued that tourism changed the behaviour of these monkeys as they now expect to receive food from humans.