Extend your vision for dark movie nights with this $8.50 LED backlight for smart TVs

You've got a big ole TV. It's 55"…or 65"…or 75". It's glorious. Absolutely glorious. But while its brilliance is obviously sublime, that could blind you to a couple of other facts to consider. Like how staring at a bright TV against an otherwise dark wall at night actually disrupts how our eyes measure light. Rather than taking in everything, our eyes only pinpoint on the bright spot against that dark backdrop. That means your eyes don't properly dilute for the actual amount of light they're taking in.

This is why bias lighting was born. The Smart TV LED Backlight is a cheap, smart, and effective way to counterbalance potential eye strain while adding a cool new lighting effect to change up the feel of an entire room.

This backlight isn't actually a light at all — it's really a 9-foot strip of LED lights, all affixed to a secure adhesive tape. Safely secure the strip around the four edges along the back of your TV screen, light 'em up, and the light bouncing off the wall creates a halo effect around the outside edges of your screen, widening your focus and reducing eye strain.

While the light itself is fun, this light strip is also smart, so when it's synced to the GoSund app on your phone or tablet, you can control the lighting the way you want. You can choose from 16 million possible colors as well as brightness and saturation. There's also a schedule and timer function so you can automatically set the lights to go off and on each night like clockwork all by themselves.

And the lights aren't only smart — they're sound-activated as well. Set them to the sync mode and the tiny microphone located on the strip will actually sync the light patterns to the sound it hears. So if you want to shift colors or watch the light pulse in unison to the action of your favorite shows and movies, this strip will get it done. Plus, if it's connected to your home Wi-Fi, this backlight is also controllable via voice commands to an Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or other smart speakers.

This eye-relieving Smart TV LED Backlight won't just save your vision, it's also incredibly inexpensive. Regularly $13, you can add an additional 15 percent price cut to the already included discount just by using the Semi-Annual Sale code ANNUAL15 during checkout. That drops your price down to just $8.49.