Get a complete picture of your cat's oral health with a $68 Basepaws test

Cats…well, they just don't care what you think. Sure, they love you in their own way. But they've got their own agenda. And what you want … is usually pretty far down their priority list, even if it's in their own best interests.

That often includes items related to their own health, including dental care. For a dog, you can get one of those doggie toothbrushes, but do you see a cat putting up with that for even a second? No. No, you wouldn't.

That's why you've gotta be sneaky with the felines. Hit 'em with a Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test and you can get an accurate update on everything happening in your cat's mouth — and they won't even try to tear your hand open if you try.

Of course, you do have to swab the inside of your cat's mouth first. But if you can accomplish that, simply send the sample back to Basepaws and within a few weeks, you get back a detailed screening report for three major cat dental problems: periodontal disease like gingivitis and periodontitis, tooth resorption, and the chronic opponent of most cat parents, bad breath.

Rather than waiting for those painful or at least annoying dental issues to surface, the Basepaws test analyzes more than 1,000 microbes to find disease signatures before they become visible to the eye. That way, you've got a critical jump on combating any feline tooth issues early.

Meanwhile, the report not only highlights those dental problems but what your cat's oral health says about their overall health. In addition to personalized recommendations for improvements as well as clinical care suggestions to share with your vet, this report will even identify the top 5 plant and animal DNAs that show up in your cat's mouth. So if you're convinced your cat is chewing on the fern or snacking on tiny critters in your home, this report will narc them out.

The Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test usually costs $79, but right now, you can use the Semi-Annual Sale code ANNUAL15 when you check out to save 15 percent. That lowers your total cost to only $67.99.