Watch amazing footage of a Pennsylvania car dealership before, during, and after a tornado hits

Shahzada Shakeel just happened to be recording the rain while inside northern Pennsylvania's Faulkner Mazda Trevose car dealership when a tornado hit. The footage, which he caught and posted yesterday on TikTok (shown below), is stunning. It starts off showing heavy rain outside the window of a very tidy, modern looking office space, but things turn to chaos quickly as the winds of a passing tornado enter the building.

Customers and staff rush into a bathroom, and things get dark for a few moments as we hear people saying, Oh shit," "Yo, are you kidding me right now?" "What the fuck?" "Holy mother…" and, "I just want to go home."

When they finally step out of the bathroom, it's a transformed dealership. The place is completely destroyed, both inside and out.

From Yahoo!:

"I did not expect to capture this on film. I was just trying to videotape the rain but then things started to pick up quite quickly," Shakeel told Storyful.

"Wind picked up and so did the rain and then before you know it… glass shattering everywhere and things are being thrown around and we're all rushing into the bathroom," he said of the experience.

The dealership had to temporarily close down because of the extensive damage, but fortunately nobody was hurt.