Here's how you get a killer $200 4K Ninja Dragon Alpha Z drone for just $85

In the past few years, the drone market has swelled with many competitors vying for top positions, but if you do the proper legwork, you can find some killer deals out there. 

Perfect finds can brilliantly straddle the line between fully loaded birds jammed with high-end features and a price tag that doesn't tear open your wallet. They aren't always easy to find, but they do exist in nifty crafts like the Ninja Dragon Alpha camera drone.

Any drone packing a 4K camera should already get a shopper's attention if they're thinking about capturing amazing aerial images and video. Not only does the Alpha Z have a stellar wide-angle 4K lens in the front for detailed pictures, but this drone also packs a 720p camera on the bottom. And with the Ninja Dragon app, flyers can stream images from either camera live right back to their app-connected phone or tablet. 

While picture quality is always a premium feature, the true test of any drone is how well it flies — and the Alpha Z scores high with pilots there as well. Featuring a six-axis gyroscope and a headless design that makes it easier to orient for developing flyers, this four-rotor body, high-strength, durable frame drone has a four-channel control system to raise, lower, advance, retreat, or even flip with ease. 

It's got a track flight mode to choose the route you want to fly. It also has a gesture feature to snap images with a wave of your hand for perfect aerial selfies. Plus, the Alpha Z features a one-button return function that immediately brings it back home with a single button press.

And in addition to the formidable flight and image capture abilities, the Ninja Dragon Alpha Z also scores high with your budget right now. Retailing for $199, this craft was already half off with its current discount, but when you use the code ANNUAL15 as part of the Semi-Annual Sale, you can chop another 15 percent off that price, lowering your total to just $84.99