Watch these interviews with famous culture-jamming pranksters

Pranks TV! (1988) is a video directed by Leslie Asako Gladsjø.

The video features 6 interviews which also appear transcribed in the book Pranks! by RE/search publications.

The book, which I highly recommend, contains 37 interviews with "artists, musicians, writers and unclassifiable individuals who work in a mischievous manner; the editors attempt to venerate, with marginal success, the notion of the prank by placing it in artistic and socially conscious contexts. Most of the pranksters who are profiled work at upsetting the traditional expectations of daily living as a way of forcing people to see the world in a new way. This is, basically, the function of art." (Glen Helfand, San Francisco Sentinel)

As a mischief-seeking weirdo, Pranks! has been my bible ever since I first opened its pages. The cast includes Joe Coleman, Frank Discussion, Karen Finley, Andrea Juno (interviewer), Boyd Rice, and V. Vale (interviewer).