Take an extra 15% off all these accessories for Apple AirTags, AirPods, and Apple Watches

When you think Apple, it isn't unusual to instinctively think of those high-grade Apple devices like the iPhone, the iPad, the MacBook, and more. But there's a whole range of those lower-tier Apple products that don't often get the same attention as their more expensive brothers and sisters.

Where's the love for the AirPods? Or the Apple Watch? Or even the handy little AirTag? Right now, you and scoop up an assortment of 15 cool accessories to help maintain and protect those cool Apple products as part of the Semi-Annual Sale. When you use the code ANNUAL15 during checkout, you can even take another 15 percent off their already discounted price on all of these items.

3-in-1 Apple Watch, AirPods & iPhone Charger – $12.74 after code ANNUAL15; originally $34 

Highly convenient and ultra-portable, this nearly 4-foot cable can help users charge up to two Apple Lightning-compatible devices as well as an Apple Watch, all at the same time. In addition to getting your iPhone, iPad, or other devices back to full strength, this charger is also equipped with over-current, over-heat, and short-circuit protection just in case of an emergency.

Aduro AirPods 8-Piece Accessory Bundle – $8.49 after code ANNUAL15; originally $29

AirPods aren't cheap — so invest a couple of dollars in protecting them with this complete Aduro collection. Made for both first and second-generation Apple AirPods, the rugged silicone case can absorb any damage while your AirPods stay safely stashed inside. Users also get a full assortment of ear hooks, wing covers, a neck strap, a carabiner, and more to keep your AirPods protected at all times.

Earhoox: AirPod Survival Kit – $33.99 after code ANNUAL15; originally $49

Of course, protecting AirPods only works when you can actually keep them in your ears. The Earhoox make sure they stay there, with silicone and aluminum hooks with magnetic straps to keep AirPods fitted and inside your ears when in use, as well as together and protected when they're not. The case also serves as a convenient charge dock to make sure your AirPods are always ready to go.

Ballistic AirPods Pro Case – $10.19 after code ANNUAL15; originally $19

This ballistic case is crafted from premium ballistic nylon, which is tough enough to safeguard your AirPods if they're ever accidentally dropped. While the interior is engineered especially to fit a pair of AirPods Pro, there's also a special compartment to stashing all your AirPod accessories like ear tips as well as a built-in carabiner for clipping your buds to a bag without worrying for their safety.

Porta 3-in-1 Power Bank for Phone, Apple Watch, & AirPods – $42.49 after code ANNUAL15; originally $119

On-the-go power is an absolute must, which is why this 3-in-1 charger is a versatile necessity. Packing a meaty 8,000mAh capacity battery, you can wireless charge an Apple Watch and AirPods as well as connecting to power up an iPhone or iPad, all at once. And with the right cable, you can also use this to charge an Android phone and many other USB-powered devices.

Apple Watch Portable USB Charger – $16.14 after code ANNUAL15; originally $39

If your Apple Watch power is flagging, this portable charger with a built-in magnetic absorption module can get you back to full strength. Lightweight and easy to carry in a pocket or bag, it only takes the power helper about 2 to 3 hours to bring even the most depleted Apple Watch right back to fully charged fighting form.

Aura Smart Strap for Apple Watch – $101.14 after code ANNUAL15; originally $119

The Aura Strap turns your Apple Watch into a true fitness monitor. Connect your watch to the strap and users can instantly start analyzing and measuring fat and body mass, tracking their hydration, cataloging their daily activity, and more. Easily adjustable to fit any wrist, the Aura Strap also connects to Apple's HealthKit app and will even run up to 6 months on a replaceable coin battery.

Air Fob: AirPods Tracker – $30.59 after code ANNUAL15; originally $45

The Air Fob doesn't just protect your AirPods from damage in the big, bad world — it makes sure they never leave your side. The Mu tag stays securely fastened to the charging case, allowing users to track your AirPods any moment, whether they were unintentionally left behind or lifted by a thief. And this sustainable, eco-friendly tag is powerful enough to keep tracking your AirPods for up to three weeks on a single 40-minute charge.

Chargeworx 10,000mAh Power Bank with AirPods Holder – $35.69 after code ANNUAL15; originally $49

With 10,000mAh of power, you're always carrying an extra 75 hours of added playtime whenever your AirPods' power levels start to dip. The included LED indicator lets users see at a glance how much power they've got left, and there's even a dedicated charging slot to keep your iPhone at full power as well.

AirPods Max Storage Bag – $25.46 after code ANNUAL15; originally $79

There's plenty of protection for your AirPods, but what about your full-sized AirPods Max? This storage bag has thought of that, with a durable leather casing that will protect your headphones from scratches, scrapes, and bumps. It not only looks great while it safeguards your headphones from unnecessary pulling, squeezing, or kneading, it also allows the AirPods Max to go into its ultra-low power mode and conserve that all-important battery life.

CarryOn Hard Case for AirPods Max – $25.49 after code ANNUAL15; originally $39 

You can also get your AirPods Max its very own ultra-protective hard case. Your headphones stay snuggly secure, while the soft microfiber inside makes sure they don't take any damage. There's even a convenient cable caddy inside to hold on to your charging connection and other vital accessories.

Apple AirTag Keychain Holder – $12.71 after code ANNUAL15; originally $29 

Here are a pair of ways to make sure your tracker-happy Apple AirTag never suffers a fatal accident. Either slide it inside this keychain holder made of high-end silicone material to protect it from water, dust, and scratches. Or encase it in a strong TPU and PC case ($12.71 after code ANNUAL15; originally $29), lightweight yet still easy to attach to items like car keys, a backpack, or liner bags for a tablet or computer to make sure you never lose track of anything important.

Power Bar: Multi-Device Wireless Charger – $127.46 after code ANNUAL15; originally $149 

Here's the device you need when you constantly need to power up everything. This 10,000mAh battery can juice up to 4 Apple devices simultaneously, and that includes a MacBook. It's got three wireless charging slots for all your Qi-enabled devices, including a spot especially for an Apple Watch. Then there's also certified 30W power delivery output for charging up a MacBook and all your other USB-C devices too.

AirTag Leather Key Ring (4-Pack) – $42.46 after code ANNUAL15; originally $60 297767

Protect your AirTags with a touch of class. In two colors (Morandi green and oxford brown) along with a distinctive bronze button, you can just slide an AirTag into this premium vegan leather protector without obscuring the volume. Then attach your keys to complete your stylish new EDC piece.