Watch this insane video of people tumbling down a dangerously steep hill to try to catch a cheese wheel

This five-minute video of Cheese Rolling Day May 31, 1982 features footage of people haphazardly rolling and leaping down a steep hill, in hopes to catch a wheel of Double Gloucester, which is tumbling down the hill as well. After reading the following facts about Cheese Rolling Day,

I began to wonder if the participants in this race have a death wish.

From Cheese Rolling:

The hill drops away at a near 70-degree angle, then shifts to 50 degrees, then plunges again, then levels out, then falls before abruptly flattening at the bottom. The wheels of Double Gloucester hurled down the hill weigh nearly eight pounds, measuring three inches thick and nine inches in diameter. Technically, they could be classed as missiles under local bylaws. By the time they hit the safety net at the bottom of the 250-yard racecourse, the cheese wheels are spiraling unpredictably at up to 70 miles an hour.

I'm not surprised to have learned that many people have, in fact, been seriously injured during Cheese Rolling Day.