Frontier Airlines duct-taped an unruly man to his seat (caught on video)

A belligerent gentleman caused such a scene on a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami, flight attendants were forced to duct tape him to his seat (video below).

The Ohio passenger, 22-year-old Maxwell Berry, is accused of groping two women flight attendants on Saturday, according to ABC7. And then, when another flight attendant, who was a man, stood nearby to watch over him, Berry punched the airline worker in the face. That's when the duct tape came in handy.

From ABC7:

A fight ensued and passengers restrained Berry, the report said.

Passenger Alfredo Rivera took out his cellphone and captured the altercation.

"He was starting to get aggressive and basically attacked the male flight attendant," Rivera said.

He was duct-taped to the seat until the flight landed and police handcuffed him.

Berry was charged with three counts of battery and taken to Miami-Dade County Jail – TGK Correctional Center.

This isn't the first time duct tape has been used on a US flight. Just last month an American Airlines crew restrained a woman with duct taped after she tried to open an airplane door mid-flight, and then bit a flight attendant. And even eight years ago, pre-Covid madness, an unruly gentleman on an Icelandair flight who was spitting and fighting with other passengers got the duct tape treatment, restoring peace and safety for all aboard.

Image by Tomás Del Coro from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – N308FR Frontier Airlines Airbus A320-251N s/n 7538 "FLO The Flamingo", CC BY-SA 2.0