People with hacked Facebook accounts are buying Oculus VR headsets to force Facebook to help them

If you have a Facebook account and someone hacks it and locks you out, you need to upload a driver's license or another official form of ID for Facebook to review. But people who have used Facebook's account recovery system said it doesn't work. According to NPR "Facebook said that because of the coronavirus pandemic, it has fewer people available to review IDs. It uses artificial intelligence, too, but its help center warns that reviews 'may take longer than usual.'"

Hacked Facebook users say calls and emails to the company go unanswered.

But some people have started using a workaround — they buy a $300 Oculus VR headset. Oculus is owned by Facebook, and it has its own customer support team that is more responsive than Facebook's. The hacked users don't have to open the Oculus box, they can just use the serial number on the outside of the box. Once Oculus's support team helps the user get their account back, the user can return the headset for a refund.

From NPR:

Facebook spokesperson Gabby Curtis told NPR in a statement that the company's help center is available 24 hours a day to assist people with problems and report issues. But Curtis acknowledged, "We also know that we need to keep improving in this area and plan to invest more in the future."