Pitchfork reviews the Peppa Pig album

Peppa's Adventures: The Album is not the four-eyed piglet's first outing, but it is the first to be reviewed by Pitchfork.

On My First Album, Peppa made a careful study of Brian Wilson's sunny melodies and progressive pop structure. She hews closely to this formula throughout Peppa's Adventures, particularly on the wistful "Perfect Day" and on "Recycling," which evokes Fiona Apple in its percussive use of glass bottles and tin cans. Reaching further into pop's past, she interpolates British and American folk music on the cheery "The School Bus Song" and the contemplative "Winter Days." The traditionalist approach to production pairs well with Peppa's efficient songwriting. She's adept at mining the mundane stuff of suburban life for glittering moments of camaraderie.