Utah sheriff: Please stop hanging hammocks from high-voltage towers

In Weber County, Utah, sheriffs are warning people to stop climbing high-voltage power towers and chilling out in hammocks hung from the structure. The view may be shockingly good but it's apparently not worth the risk. From 2KUTV:

"There are 75,000 kilovolts that run through those power lines. It's an extreme danger – not only the fall risk but also the electricity. The power can actually jump from the lines and strike somebody," Lt. Cortney Ryan told 2News[…]

"The last thing we want it is somebody to get hurt, but also damage the infrastructure. That sends power to hundreds of thousands of people. You interrupt that power, then we look at the risk of people not having power," he said.

Rocky Mountain Power officials said they advise linemen to not get within 20 feet of an active power line. A photo posted by the Weber County Sheriff's Office showed the person lounging in a hammock within just a few feet of the active conductor on the tower.