Cargo chip that blocked Suez Canal finally arrives at destination, months late

The Ever Given has finally arrived at Felixstowe, England, ending a much-extended journey that involved a week wedged in the Suez Canal, causing billions of dollars of pain to international shipping, and three months impounded as insurers, shippers, owners and the Egyptian government bickered over the bill.

The beach at Felixstowe was lined with deckchairs and ship-spotters as the Ever Given approached. The 400m-long (1,300ft) ship, originally due to arrive in early April, finally docked at Felixstowe in Suffolk at about 16:30 on Tuesday. … A few voices could be heard saying it was a "little bit of an anti-climax," but all were pleased to have witnessed the end of the ship's epic struggle to get here.

$775m worth of cargo, officially, but a lot of it is food that will have expired and may have to be destroyed by UK customs. "Foodstuffs are destroyed via anaerobic digestion", helpfully reports the BBC.