Cop awaiting trial on rape charge arrested again and charged with another

Nathan Nash, 38, was fired from his job as a police officer in Spokane, Washington, after being charged with sexual assault in 2019. He was arrested Wednesday in connection with another alleged rape.

Both sexual assault victims told investigators that Nash responded to their calls for police assistance, then later followed up with them alone. It was during these "follow-ups" that Nash sexually assaulted them, the victims told detectives. Julie Humphreys, a spokesperson for the Spokane Police Department, said it's not uncommon for officers to follow up on an investigation alone, but corporals would typically be the ones to take pictures for evidence.

He was a walking red flag…

While Nash was fired in 2019 after the first rape charges were filed against him, that incident was not the first red flag. In 2018, Nash's handling on a domestic violence incident was called into question when he and two other officers failed to interview a victim after a fight outside of a bar. Then in June 2019, Nash reportedly didn't arrest a domestic violence suspect who was in possession of a significant amount of cocaine and gave the female victim his personal cellphone number.After the initial sexual assault allegations were reported publicly, two more women came forward to report inappropriate interactions with Nash.

…but Spokane P.D. isn't the kind of place that cares to notice.