Join the webinar age with the video ease of LiveWebinar Pro for under $100

How do you reach dozens, hundreds, or even thousands without leaving your home or office? Well, there are always avenues like advertising. Of course, 30 seconds of television time isn't cheap, let alone if you want to talk for 10 or 30 or even 60 minutes.

And heck, nobody wants to go outside and brave the big bad world right now anyway. So one effective means of getting the word out about your newest business venture is the way today's savviest digital professionals are doing it — with a glitzy webinar.

Don't laugh. Webinars are hot. And there are actual facts backing up their impact. Around 40 percent of those you entice to join your webinar can be converted into a legitimate business lead. And in the case of marketing to businesses, that number climbs to almost 75 percent.

Video streaming and hosting webinars don't have to be the chore that they appear to be. In fact, LiveWebinar Pro makes it incredibly turnkey to host everything from basic employee meetings to large-scale video events for generating legitimate heat around your brand or business.

Instead of downloading software or installing programs on all of your devices, LiveWebinar is accessible with a simple link. Users create their video session, set a link to their designated invitees, and all those recipients have to do is click the link to join. You can even shoot someone a link in a text to bring them to your stream.

In addition to easy screen and file sharing as well as communication features like full-service chat capability, a LiveWebinar session can be broadcast virtually anywhere, accessible to all the most popular social media avenues like YouTube and Facebook.

Once you get users there, you have all kinds of options to engage them, including breakout rooms for side discussions, whiteboards to make your information more accessible, and a full range of integrations so you can hook up with attendees on their terms. That includes via MailChimp, Slack, Campaign Monitor, Freshmail, Zapier, and more.

All sessions can be recorded in ultra-crisp HD quality video, and hosts can even take advantage of a full range of analytics features to find out more about your attendees and their wants and needs.

Lifetime access is regularly priced at over $700, but you can try LiveWebinar Pro now for over 85 percent off, down to just $99.99.

Prices subject to change