Save (but don't you dare "improve") Denver's weird and wonderful restaurant, Casa Bonita

Taking a trip to the weird and wonderful restaurant Casa Bonita is one of my favorite things to do in Colorado. The restaurant has an interesting mix of attractions inside such as cave divers that jump from a man-made waterfall while you eat, an arcade, and an elaborately decorated interior to explore.

Last week, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of the TV show South Park, announced that they would like to buy Casa Bonita. The restaurant has even been featured on one of the cartoon's episodes. South Park fans have started a petition, stating that they want the current owners to sell the restaurant to Matt and Trey.

 Here is the petition

Decades have passed, and you still haven't changed. There's no shame in serving horrible food to paying customers. Your prizes are lame and your games are broken. My last visit to your gift shop had embarrassingly few items. You got rid of Mariachi bands and balloons that inflated in front of you. The treasure room had rock hard tootsie rolls that were possibly years old. The hideous pink pony that played blaring music was not fun or cool! You need to admit you've failed, and let Denver see what our South Park friends can do to improve the current mess you've created. 

Everyone who signed this petition is missing the entire point of Casa Bonita. The charm of the restaurant is its "horrible food" (which I love), mix-matched aesthetic, and overall weirdness. These things are part of the reason I'm so attracted to Casa Bonita.  If Casa Bonita was modernized and "improved" by the standards of this petition, going there just wouldn't be the same.