Save it all to the cloud with a pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage space for under $30

We already know that most business data is now kept in the cloud, as much as 85 percent by some current estimates.

But while the advantages of a cloud-based business are obvious, many home users are also coming around to the benefits of storage and services needs handled exclusively in the cloud. In fact, the personal cloud storage market is expected to grow by more than 35 percent this year alone.

Savvy web users can stake out their own real estate in the cloud now with some impressive deals, including this offer for a year of pCloud Premium Plus storage space, now almost 70 percent off at just $29.99

A supremely secure web storage answer, pCloud lets users transfer up to 2TB worth of old files to a safe and convenient cloud home, while also allocating another 2TB as download link traffic, all without taking up any space on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. And with quick links, you can invite other users to access and work on your files in shared folders easily. 

As a perfect out-of-the-way home for all those documents, photos, videos, and more clogging up all of your devices, pCloud also lets users sync up their data across multiple devices automatically. It'll also backup files you've got saved into other online storage homes, including stuff from Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.

And since it's ideally suited for storing a movie or music library, pCloud also features its own built-in media players to make listening and watching your content seamlessly easy. With that built-in player even capable of handling HD video streaming, that means you can watch movies and TV shows right from the cloud on virtually any device without worrying about other players, storage options, and more.

TechRepublic called pCloud "the best cloud sync you've never heard," which means it might be a good time to rectify that error now. 

Usually, a year of pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage space would cost almost $100, but right now, it's on sale for 68 percent off the regular price, cutting your 12-month total down to just $29.99