Big Liar Mike Lindell gets angry when a reporter tells him he has "evidence of nothing"

Mike Lindell, the founder of MyPillow and a conspiracy fabulist, claims that China hacked voting machines in every state to make it seem as though Donald Trump lost the election.

CNN consulted with a dozen experts and interviewed election officials to investigate Lindell's claims. All of them said the election was fair and no fraud took place.

CNN invited Lindell for an interview with a CNN reporter who told Lindell that the reams of public vote records and other innocuous data Lindell likes to wave around is "proof of nothing."

Lindell didn't take the news well, promising that all would be revealed at a future event.

However, Lindell has pulled the same trick numerous times before by releasing self-funded documentaries featuring secret sources who are obscured from view and who talk about all kinds of nefarious activities, which have never stood up to scrutiny.

Lindell has discovered a new purpose in life: lying. What a miserable way to spend your life.