John Edgar Park hams it up (again) in ADABOX unboxing video

If you've never seen an ADABOX from our friends at Adafruit Industries, they are beautifully-curated, themed electronics project kits (centered around a microcontroller or other piece of Adafruit hardware). Themes have included gardening, Halloween, home automation, handheld gaming, and more.

The theme of the latest offering, ADABOX 19, is space and the featured hardware is an Adafruit MacroPad, a 3 x 4 customizable keypad (programmable in CircuitPython).

If you've never seen John Edgar Park's video work for Adafruit, you're in for a treat. John goes all out for these product unboxing videos, as we've covered previously.

Here, he plays a nerdy "Keycap Gazer," along with two incarnations of the great space invader himself, David Bowie. Carl Sagan even makes an appearance. In the midst of all the silliness, John shows you what's inside the kit, how to put it all together, and some of the cool things you can do with an Adafruit MacroPad.

Image: Screengrab