Play virtually any instrument you want with this $30 synth and sound software

Crafting your own music used to mean picking up an instrument, learning some chords, and noodling away until you stumbled across some element of your playing that you liked. Soon, you might have an element or two to put around that tiny piece, then maybe a chorus or a verse, and before you know it, a song was taking form.

Now in the age of technology, who's got time for instruments anymore? Today's audio apps have the ability to replicate virtually any sound or sequence an instrument could ever make. That means all it takes to start producing beats is the right software — and maybe a few enhancement packs to give you something to work with from the ground up. Heck, even weather noises can be made into music nowadays.

With The Complete 2021 Synth and Sound Software Bundle, users get everything they need to become sound engineers, producers, and performers, all in one wide-ranging package. 

The collection is headlined by Applied Acoustics' Objeq Delay Pro, a creative effect plug-in that powerfully combines acoustic filtering with a clever delay unit. From music to sound design and beyond, Objeq Delay is chock full of effects, allowing creators to throw virtually any level of echo, reverberation, or other resonance from their sound, including much more than if that sound were recorded live.

What would you do with 35 different preset echo effects? Or 44 modulators like flanger, vibrato, tremolo, or an auto-filter? Or 45 different drum enhancements for kick drums or snares? There are even 80 different signature effects as created by noted digital musicians and sound engineers Richard Devine and Martin Walker. All that combines to help innovative musicians make almost anything into a cool, interesting element of their music creation.

That sounds like a lot. And it is. But it's still only the beginning. In addition to Objeq Delay, this collection features nine more software sound packs creating literally thousands of new and different, yet sonically adventurous audio textures for musical experimentation.

There's the Harmonic Geometry Sound Pack, with 130 presets exploring string instrument modeling, offering all kinds of strange and beautiful new vibes for your music. There's the Entangled Species Sound Pack, an organic collection of 128 different pads, loopers, keyboards, noises, and sound effects. And there's the Good Folks Sound Pack, with nearly 100 presets, styles, and loops created by seasoned Canadian musician and Celine Dion keyboardist Yves Frulla.

And that still leaves creators with another six jam-packed sound packages to explore, unleashing virtually thousands of different sound variations, styles, and moods to play with to help make your compositions land just the way you want.

The Complete 2021 Synth and Sound Software Bundle includes over $500 worth of premium sound editing elements. Right now, they're all on sale in this package for a fraction of that price, just $29.99.