I can't recommend you watch 'The Suicide Squad'

I was pet sitting this weekend and looking for something to do. There has been so much hype around The Suicide Squad that I figured it was a good way to burn a couple of hours.

Everything you want to see in this movie was in the trailer.

There is very little story here. The effects are what you expect for the money spent, especially the awful weasel guy. Some of the characters are fun, many are just worthless hail marys to nepotism.

I think the problem the DC universe has is investing success in directors who clearly do not deliver. All the hype of Zach Synder's cut and James Gunn's brilliant mind gave us two very long films. The Taika Waititi cameo is the ultimate proof of WB's weird reliance on named directors to provide some magic they do not have.

Idris Elba learning to make friends with Sebastian the rat is the best part of the movie. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn remains lots of fun. John Cena's character getting a tv series seems headed straight to cancellation.

There is even a conversation in the film between Idris Elba and Cena's characters about how useless Cena's character is.

The gore isn't even particularly impressive, tho there is a lot of it.

Also, perhaps reconsider visiting a theater with the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic. I streamed it.