Sexual harassment charity chief resigns after report says she helped with letter attacking alleged Cuomo victim

Roberta Kaplan is the chairperson of Time's Up, the Me Too-era charity that raises money to support victims of sexual harassment. But Roberta Kaplan is also closely tied to New York Governer Andrew Cuomo, and named by the state Attorney General as helping to draft a letter smearing one of his alleged victims. Today Kaplan resigned, hours after fellow Cuomo crony Melissa DeRosa skittered off the ship.

The report from the state attorney general's office found that Ms. Kaplan had reviewed a draft of a disparaging op-ed letter that was aimed at attacking the character of Lindsey Boylan, a former Cuomo aide who was the first to publicly accuse him of sexual harassment.

The op-ed letter was never published. It was part of a broader effort in which Mr. Cuomo and his aides sought counsel from former administration officials including Alphonso David, the president of the Human Rights Campaign, the largest L.G.B.T.Q. political lobbying organization in the country; Tina Tchen, the chief executive of Time's Up; and the governor's brother, Chris Cuomo, an anchor on CNN.

Conservative voters ultimately know their leaders are wolves in wolves' clothing. But progressives have to constantly wait for the unrealistic sheep leading them to bare their teeth, knowing that when it happens it'll most likely be at them.