UN climate report says we've run out of time

A United Nations climate report warns that the heatwaves, droughts and flooding seen worldwide will only become more extreme and that action is required immediately to prevent climate catastrophy. It warns of "code red for humanity", writes the BBC.

Their report is the first major review of the science of climate change since 2013. Its release comes less than three months before a key climate summit in Glasgow known as COP26. In strong, confident tones, the IPCC's document says "it is unequivocal that human influence has warmed the atmosphere, oceans and land".

According to Prof Ed Hawkins, from the University of Reading, UK, and one of the report's authors, the scientists cannot be any clearer on this point.

"It is a statement of fact, we cannot be any more certain; it is unequivocal and indisputable that humans are warming the planet."

The actual climate change plan is going to consist of measures such as "bail out coastal real estate" and "well it's not like we'll let the climate refugees in". Adjust your plans for the next few decades accordingly.