Video: Anti-vaxxers storm what they think is the BBC but show up at the wrong place

An emotional mob of anti-vaxxers in London tries to storm the BBC to protest Covid vaccine passports – but are at the wrong location. The BBC hasn't been in the building since 2013. The confused bunch also doesn't understand that the BBC isn't the government and isn't in charge of mandating vaccine passports. Apparently researching facts isn't their thing.

Video footage (below) shows outnumbered police officers warding off the hostile protestors, who are rabidly trying to enter a building that now houses a TV studio that makes "light entertainment."

According to Vice.

Anti-vaccine passport protesters tried to gain access to a building that the BBC left in 2013, and now mainly houses luxury flats and light entertainment TV studios. …

Footage circulated on social media showed shoving between protesters and a line of police officers who are guarding an entrance to a studio at the Television Centre in White City, West London. …

A bottle was thrown at one officer, whose hat was knocked off in scuffles with protesters. Officers drew batons as they attempted to control the crowd, as many protesters filmed scenes on their phones.