A500 Mini: Commodore's 16-bit legend gets the classic console treatment

The West Chester trademark horcrux has been sufficiently reassembled (or avoided1) to permit the A500 Mini, which joins the ranks of 8- and 16-bit era systems to get the classic console treatment. It'll come with 25 titles from legendary Amiga devs such as the Bitmap Brothers and Sensible Software, but is ultimately a general-purpose computer running an emulator in an Amiga-shaped box and you can put whatever games you like on it.

The A500 Mini comes with an authentic style two-button mouse and also includes an 8-button gamepad for those hoping for controller support. The retro console will ship with additional ports to allow fans to plug in a separate external standard PC keyboard for additional functionality and comes with in-game save and pause features to help players finish each of its classic titles.

1. The word "Amiga" is conspiciously not in evidence.

The A500 Mini project is the work of Paul Andrews, reports IGN. Andrews has a patchy record as a retrogaming entrepreneur, but his ZX Vega was a success. His company has registered a wide variety of seemingly opportunistic retrogaming trademarks: "A500" is in this 2018 trademark registration, but others include "Sinclair Spectrum", "zx80" and "zx81".

And then there was the Sexualized Horace thing.