New York governor Andrew Cuomo resigns

Andrew Cuomo, accused of sexual misconduct in a blistering report published by his own Attorney General, today resigned as governor of New York. In a speech broadcast at midday, Cuomo said he was often with his daughters as he watched media coverage of accusations against him, and insisted he never intentionally disrespected a woman: "Your dad made mistakes, and he apologized."

Cuomo's resignation came as impeachment proceedings appeared likely to force him from office if he did not quit. Leading Democratic Party members long ago demanded Cuomo go after staff and acquaintances came forward to report inappropriate behavior and retaliation against complaints, but Cuomo clung on until a top aide fled his sinking ship and further scandal erupted over efforts to discredit accusers.

Cuomo will be replaced by Kathy Hochul, who becomes New York's first woman governer.