Unlock all your passwords with your fingerprint with the JEM Biometric Authenticator

Next year, residents of Singapore won't need a passport to return to their home country. When they get home, all travelers will have to do is submit to a quick facial, retinal, or fingerprint scan and let the database find them to confirm their identities.

More and more these days, the keys to everything from your physical possessions to your digital access — are you. Your biometrics are the trigger that unlocks everything. It's ironic that everybody's unique invisible access key is now helping to drive the security-conscious back to an actual physical real-world key in the JEM Biometric Authenticator with JEMPass Password Manager.

The JEM is like having your own portable biometric reader to unlock all of your precious passwords and accounts, even if the devices are associated with different Google or iCloud accounts. Speaking of devices, JEM works with almost anything from Windows and macOS machines to iOS and Android devices.

If you want to access a website, just scan your fingerprint on the JEM. With all your passwords saved in JEM's servers in your own personal JEMPass vault, your fingerprint lets the JEM connect via Bluetooth through the device into your vault, which decrypts and automatically enters and unlocks the website's login page.

Your fingerprint is the key to the decryption, assuring you're the only one who can ever access your passwords and all their power. Users don't even need a master password with the JEM, which effectively bridges the gap between password authentication and the passwordless future of biometric access that's just on the horizon. With end-to-end secured encryption, JEM users enjoy the latest peer-reviewed algorithms supplying premium privacy and security at all times.

The JEM Biometric Authenticator along with a year of JEMPass Password Manager service is a $129 value, but right now, you can save $20 off the tandem and get both for only $109.