Light the way with 30% off this blistering headlamp

If you're out braving the wilderness in the dark, whether it's hiking, spelunking, or some other rigorous activity, you really should be wearing a helmet. We don't want to sound like your mom, but while helmets may not exactly be ultra-cool, they're still a lot cooler than a head wound, brain damage, or worse from an unexpected tumble without one.

With that squarely in mind, the One80 H2 Headlamp and Helmet Headband Set takes your entire headgear needs into account, offering both a brilliant light source for illuminating your entire immediate area, as well as making sure it stays safely and securely around your head, even when you're also protected with a hardhat or helmet.

The centerpiece of this deal is obviously the H2 headlamp — and it is a flamethrower of a light source. Rather than following the well-trod path of headlamps that cast a narrowly focused beam on what's ahead, this newly-upgraded lamp bathes a majestically wide 180-degree swath of illumination over everything in your field of vision. With that wide-burst effect, the wearer never has to twist their head around to throw up to 360 lumens of light in any forward-facing direction, all while never impacting their peripheral vision along the way.

While the H2 is perfectly suited to be worn around the head, its compact construction and feather-light 4 oz. size makes it easily customized to work with all kinds of different options, like around the arm, chest, waist, or virtually anywhere you want to affix this powerful light. It's 100 percent IPX7 waterproof rated and attaches easily to a beefy 1,800mAh battery, capable of serving up to 3 hours of light at its highest wattage and as much as 15 hours in the flash mode.

Meanwhile, the light and battery slip into the included helmet headband sized to fit comfortably on helmeted and unhelmeted heads alike. Crafted from a fabric, non-silicone lining material, this non-slip headband can attach easily to most types of protective headgear, from hardhats and safety coverings to climbing and biking helmets. In addition to their versatility, the light and battery are completely removable and interchangeable from the band, allowing both to be easily removed for recharging or just to give the band a healthy washing.

Normally retailing for $65, the One H2 Headlamp and Helme Headband Set is now available at 30 percent off the regular price, on sale for just $44.99.