Fraudster Jim Bakker is selling $1,000 "Miracle Blankets" that will pay your mortgage for you

If I was as smart as Jim Bakker's audience, I would join them in buying a $1,000 "Miracle Blanket" that magically pays bills.

Bakker, the convicted fraudster televangelist who was recently fined for selling a phony Covid-19 cure, seems destined to spend the rest of his life running grifts on wide-eyed suckers. At this point, anyone giving this guy a nickel deserves what they receive in return.

BAKKER: I'm just gonna reiterate that I want you, when you order this $1,000 to do it in faith, to sow
that $1,000 seed in faith, believing that this is part of your seed into the Kingdom of God, you're
doing something for the Kingdom of God.

…We're sending out.. "Miracles Happen" blanket… Sleep under it, or do whatever you want to do
with it. Hang it on the wall!..

HUNTER: Lay it over your bills… 'cause healing of your finances. Put your wallet in there, your
credit cards, all the bills, you know… the mortgage, put it on there. We're having houses paid off
this week last month and this month and I'm like, "Hallelujah!"