Create your smart home of the future with these smart devices, all on sale now

Remember the 80's movie, Electric Dreams? In the film, an architect named Miles buys a personal computer, which proceeds to become sentient, name itself Edgar, fall in love with Miles' neighbor, and during a climactic jealous confrontation, take over all the electronics in Miles' home.

It was a light romantic comedy with a fun soundtrack and an almost endearingly naive view of how technology actually worked. But it was pretty ahead of its time in positing a fully automated home run by a digital brain. 

Now, of course, Edgar's smart home basically exists, although it's thankfully a little more benign than one run by a lovelorn PC. In fact, this assortment of 20 smart home devices can start getting you closer to the day when all your home operations happen automatically. And to help, everything here is on sale at up to 72 percent off. 


NX-100 Smart Garage Controller and Smart Plug Bundle – $79.99; originally $99

Since the garage door is one of your key lines of home defense, it makes sense that you should be able to control it from anywhere with one device. The Nexx Garage lets users securely open, close, and monitor a garage door from your living room or another continent. With everything centered through the Nexx mobile app, you'll always know your garage door safety is covered.

Hombli Smart Indoor Camera – $39.95; originally $99

WIth brilliant 1080p video resolution, night vision, 2-way audio, and video stored either on MicroSD or to the cloud, this indoor cam lets residents keep an eye on everything going on. Through the Hombli app, you can both monitor what the camera sees in real-time, or get an alert to your phone immediately if the cam picks up any sign of motion or sound.

Crorzar Anywhere: Rechargeable WiFi Security Camera – $99.99; originally $149

Up and running in less than 2 minutes, this Wi-Fi-enabled smart camera works both indoors and outdoors to serve up 1080p quality video. It's also got 2-way talk features, a smart alert system, and full access to view what the camera sees. You can even check back over surveillance footage if there's anything that needs review.

Cave Smart Home Starter Kit – $199.95 after code VEHO200; originally $399

The Cave is a centerpiece of a component system that can turn your entire home into a fully monitored environment. Starting with this SmartHub and the Cave app, users can connect up to 99 different motion and contact sensors, cameras, and more to secure and keep tabs on your home from anywhere at all times. And no matter how you want to connect, Cave is ready to work on a wireless, wired, or mobile network.

Use the code VEHO200 to take $200 off the price of this set.

Ultraloq Combo Smart Lock and Key Fob – $329.99; originally $369

No key? No problem. The Ultraloq offers several ways to control who gets through your locked door, from biometric fingerprint ID to a contactless key fob to commands from your smartphone anywhere. Backed successfully by Indiegogo supporters, the lock even features 2-point locking with the handle and the deadbolt for added security.

Air circulation

Smart Leafless Fan – $182.95; originally $249

Bladeless and ultra-efficient, this smart fan can cool your space even when you aren't in the space. With an 80° oscillating design, it circulates air throughout the room. In addition to a handy remote for control from across the room, users can also program in an automatic timer for up to 8 hours of circulation before the fan cycles off. And it uses half the power of an old conventional fan. 

Sensibo Sky Smart AC Controller – $98.95; originally $149

If you forget to turn off your air conditioner when you left the house this morning, the Sensibo Sky can take care of it. Via Wi-Fi, you can monitor the temperature and humidity remotely, set up scheduling and geofencing, and set it to turn on automatically when someone arrives or turn itself off when the last person leaves the house.

Sensibo Pure: Smart Air Purifier – $149; originally $169

The Pure is the world's most advanced smart air purifier. Powered by Pure Boost, this little helper measures your air quality 24/7/365, then turns itself on and off automatically to compensate. The filter scrubs particles as small as 0.1μm to protect you and everyone in your home from viruses, bacteria, dust, smoke, bad odors, and the other contaminants that lead to bad air.

Plugs and Switches

Switchmate Power: Dual Smart Power Outlet with 2 USB Ports – $10.99; originally $39

The Power plugs right into an existing AC outlet to instantly offer voice control and remote access to anything you plug into the outlet. The timers and other schedules can all be accessed via your smartphone to control electronics from any location. There are even a pair of built-in USB chargers for powering up phones and tablets, as well as a nightlight to softly illuminate the room. 

Smart Plug Outlet Extender – $14.99; originally $19

This extender doesn't just make an outlet smart — it turns it into a souped-up power center. Tricked out with 3 smart plugs, 3 USB ports, and 3 always-on plugs for a continuous power supply, this wall addition brings a lot of options. Of course, it's also smart too, with an accompanying app to set schedules, control via Wi-Fi, and work with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Smart Power Strip with Surge Protector – $14.99; originally $19

In case you need a little length on your connections, this 6-in-1 outlet comes with its own extension cord. There's also a circuit breaker should the 3 AC and 3 USB ports exceed the 240V maximum load, as well as a surge protector to safeguard your devices from big surges. Once again, this strip is voice-controlled as well, so you've always got multiple ways to handle your power needs your way.

15A Smart Home WiFi Outlet (4-Pack) – $19.99; originally $26

This Wi-Fi smart plug controls electronics anytime, anywhere through the outlet's companion app. Users can create a customized schedule to automatically turn all the connected electronics or appliances on or off. And if you like it, great! You get four of 'em.


Smart TV LED Backlight – $9.99; originally $13

Line this LED light strip around the back of your television and it illuminates your back room, creating a halo effect that helps alleviate eye strain. The ambient lighting can cycle through 16 million different colors, 8 different custom lighting scenes, and it's also got a built-in microphone to sync your lighting pattern directly to the sound from your screen.

GoSund 75W LED Smart RGB Color Changing Light Bulbs – $13.99; originally $18

Go LED, replacing all your old school incandescent bulbs with these colorful, energy-efficient alternatives. Along with the same 16 million color combinations and light patterns, the GoSund app lets users also control the intensity of the bulb, even while it consumes 80 percent less energy than a traditional bulb. It's even voice-activated too, controllable via an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

GoSund Smart RGB LED Light Strip with Voice Control and Music Sync – $14.99; originally $19

Instead of just stringing a light strip behind your TV, this 16-foot length lets users easily set just the right mood anywhere. You can either control the light configuration through the app or let it sync to your room noise and just go with the flow of your environment.

Smart Wi-Fi LED Table Lamp – $20.99; originally $29

Or put it all inside a cool little table lamp. Just tap the light to illuminate, or touch the icons to toggle between white light or any of your favorite RGB colors. The app lets users set their preferred brightness, lay out a schedule and your voice can call the shots too.

Switchmate 2.0: Smart Switch for Toggle Style Light Switches – $19.99; originally $29

This toggle switch slips right over your existing light switch to fully automate your room lighting in under 60 seconds with no replacements or rewiring. With the companion app, you can either press the Switchmate like a normal wall switch, control it through the app, or sync it to voice commands via an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Smart 3-Way Light Switch – $42.99; originally $59

With this 3-way switch, users can control a light from two different typical switch locations. Of course, it's also controllable via the GoSund app, so you've got all the smart functionality you'd expect, including time scheduling and voice activation. And if you want to set the light in a child's room to go out in 5 minutes, this light can make it happen.

Shelly 4-Pack Duo WiFi Bulbs and Shelly Motion Sensor Bundle – $69.99 after code LIGHT30; originally $99

You'd be hard-pressed to find a light more sensitive than this Shelly 4-pack. Along with the motion sensor, this package detects motion and vibration in less than 200ms, has over 250 adjustable sensitivity levels, and can instantly trigger actions such as turning on the lights. And you get four of the Duo bulbs for setting up your space with just the lighting you want.