This book of David Lynch's paintings and drawings is full of endless inspiration

I recently got a copy of Someone Is in My House, a book of David Lynch's awe-inspiring multi-media artwork.

This 300-page book came out on February 19, 2019, and features Lynch's paintings, drawings, video stills, and photos from the last 50 years .

Many of these works have rarely been seen until they appeared here. Along with the artwork, essays by Michael Chabon, Petra Giloy-Hirtz, and Kristine McKenna are included.

For those who are familiar with Lynch's films, this book will give you an even deeper look into his mind. Even if you haven't seen his films, the artwork in this book is very inspiring to look through. There's an element of abstraction to many of the figures and forms in his paintings and drawings, and it makes my imagination run wild. I also love the experimental nature and use of mixed media in his paintings.