This wooden laptop stand will help combat bad posture, sore wrists, and more

So, just how ergonomic are you? Sure, you probably feel like your home is tricked out for optimal working, sitting, viewing, and more, but is it really? For example, let's take laptop ergonomics. At their convenient portable size, it's easy to think everything is fine when you're typing away at your computer, even as the size, position of the desk, sightlines, and more might actually have you contorted like a pretzel into some unnatural and ultimately uncomfortable working positions.

That's because when your screen is at the right height for your sightline, the keyboard position is too high. But when the keyboard is perfectly positioned for typing, the screen is too low and you hunch over. One way, you end up with neck and head pain, the other, hand and wrist posture issues. Assuming you don't want to do the laying in bed while typing route, that makes the right answer an alternative like this wooden laptop stand, crafted to hit the perfect sweet spot that all of your body parts can co-sign.

The stand itself is minimalist and decidedly unflashy. Handcrafted from solid wood and a steel-reinforced frame and finished with ecological oils by Polish woodworking professionals, this stand looks smooth and elegant, while still looking pointedly modern.

With your laptop in place, the machine is actually raised up about 6 inches. That sets up a perfectly optimized eye level so you can work without causing any head, neck, or eye strain problems. Meanwhile, your hands are also in a relaxed position as well, allowing for improved productivity that'll keep you focused on your work and not on any hand or wrist discomfort.

And with easy access from virtually all angles, the stand won't get in the way of any connected peripherals and can even accommodate something like a wireless keyboard and mouse if it fits your workflow.

Regularly priced at $139, this Wooden Laptop Stand is now on sale at almost 30 percent off, down to just $99.99.