Watch a Karen snap when she spots her neighbor walking her dog while Black

A Karen walking her dog around her apartment complex in Florida is none too pleased when she notices a Black neighbor, Ty (@_hottymale), is also walking her dog. She wants her gone. Although we miss the beginning of the confrontation, the video starts off with Karen shouting, "Fuck you for recording me right now."

"Okay," Ty says calmly (and remains remarkably composed throughout the ordeal).

When Karen doesn't get the heated response she's looking for, she strikes again. "Fuck you and your fucking phone!" she says. "Get the fuck out of here." And even when Ty tells her she lives in the same complex as Karen, the privileged woman tells Ty to leave the premises.

The moment of comic relief comes when Karen ironically says, "You know what, bitches like you are the reason cell phones are a thing these days."

And the moment of privileged-white-fury comes when Ty calls her "Karen," who then marches up to Ty and shouts just inches from her face. She's furious about being recorded, and she's furious about being called a Karen, and yet she still makes a spectacle of herself, begging to be added to the long list of viral Karen videos. Go figure.


I was minding my black business walking my dog when…. #karensgoingwild #karen let's find her @auntkaren0

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From Daily Dot:

Ty said in a follow up video that the incident occurred in Riverview, Florida and the Karen just started yelling at her to move. Ty looked up, confused as to why the Karen was screaming at her from across the complex lawn, and she claimed the Karen told her to move because she wanted to walk her own dog.

In another follow up video, Ty says that she took the incident to the leasing office, but the property manager wasn't there. She then tried to file a police report, but was told there was nothing she could do because the altercation was verbal, not physical. The only solution, she was told, was to file a restraining order and take it up with her leasing office.