Fabric could help you get a life insurance policy for your family in minutes without a medical exam or the hassle

There are few instances in life more nerve-wracking than those first few months as a new parent. No matter who you are or your previous life experience, the start of a new child's upbringing is bound to bring parental anxieties sweeping to the surface like a tidal wave.

But once new parents are settled into that routine and think they might have a handle on the immediate basics, that's when a whole new crop of fears and worries bound to center stage. This time, parents start projecting into the future, beyond what that baby will need this afternoon to what that child may need when they're 5, or 10, or 13.

And the big question: what happens to that child's future if they aren't there to shape it? It's a scary thought. And it prompts an even scarier question. Is it time to think about…life insurance?

Now beyond the fear of that baby's unknown future, another more cynical fear starts to build as well. A fear of the hours of phone calls and medical exams and intermittently corporate hoop-jumping it'll take to get a life insurance policy.

If that parent wasn't afraid before, they definitely are when life insurance enters the equation.

Thankfully, there are options that don't have to lead down that dark path. One of those options is Fabric.

Whether you're a responsible young parent seeking to protect your child's future, or just someone who really hates legalese, paperwork, and unceasing red tape, Fabric was designed specifically to soothe both of those goals.

Fabric coverage doesn't start with an hours-long conversation with an agent. In fact, Fabric is entirely web-based, so there's little to no conversation at all necessary. The Fabric website paves the way, as users enter whether they're looking for a 10-25-year life insurance policy and settling on a coverage figure of anywhere between $100,000 and $5 million.

While traditional agents would then likely promise to call you back next week with a quote, Fabric instead turns to its automated underwriting algorithm, which immediately crunches the numbers and crafts a policy that fits your terms, all in just 10 minutes if you qualify.

In the time it would usually take for a typical agent to settle into their chair and start the sales pitch, Fabric could have clocked your needs, asked all the pertinent questions, and put a policy in front of you that's as turnkey as you could hope, and it could be for as little as $15 a month.

Fabric further speeds up the process by eliminating that infuriating medical exam for most applicants that other outlets require. That also eliminates one of the biggest headaches to establishing a new policy–all the time it takes to get it started. Without the exam, you could get a Fabric policy virtually within a matter of minutes. 

Fabric also offers the security of long-standing roots in the insurance community, with policies issued by Vantis Life, a subsidiary of Penn Mutual (the second oldest mutual life insurance company in America).

The questions take minutes. The coverage is moments away. And that lightning-fast process has made Fabric a real hit with customers, who have rewarded the company with a 4.8- out of 5-star rating from over 1,700 reviews on TrustPilot.

If you're a U.S. resident who doesn't live in New York, or Montana, a quick application through the Fabric website could get you protecting your family in minutes.